To me, uniting a loving couple in marriage is the most rewarding thing I do.  It is always such a joy to meet a newly-engaged couple when they are planning their Big Day, and see the excitement in their eyes as we talk about what they dream of their ceremony being.  From learning about them and their journey to walking through their vision with them, and finally to opening the doorway to their new shared life together, every wedding feels as much like a unique adventure to me as it will to you!

In my opinion, one thing in particular that sets seasoned officiants apart from the rest is the calming effect that only experience brings.  Your wedding day is something you should enjoy as you make memories that are meant to last you both a lifetime.  I speak from memory when I tell you that it flies by.  At times you could feel overwhelmed.  I can proudly say that I have been thanked by dozens of my happy couples for relieving some of their worries and helping slow the day down a bit when it counted most.  A spare set of eyes here, a comforting word and a knowledgeable answer there as you are putting on the final touches and your guests are being seated, will go a long way to helping you find your smile again just in time for your walk down the aisle.  This is part of why I love to unite people in marriage and just a little of what I promise to bring you as your wedding officiant. 

I was first ordained as an interfaith minister in 2006, in order to perform a renewal of vows for one of my oldest friends and his lovely wife on their tenth anniversary.  My second was for two dear friends marrying for the first time in front of 90 guests, with live musicians, singing, a mid-ceremony toast and the whole works, all recorded on video (no pressure!).  After the second, when both brides were weeping tears of joy, I knew that uniting couples in marriage was what I wanted to do, and I have never looked back.  Now, with over thirty weddings of so many diverse tastes and traditions behind me, I am very, very proud to be joining Chaplain Patrick, Reverend Yvonne and Chaplain Paul as part of the South Jersey Officiants team.  I am looking forward with the greatest enthusiasm to kicking off a new year with them and meeting and working with you on your dream wedding!​


I am new to South Jersey Officiants, but no stranger to couples and weddings.  I’ve officiated in churches, schools, under ladders, in train stations and even inside an elephant at the beach!  Each wedding ceremony has been as unique and truly special as the couples who wed.

Whether you are newlyweds marrying for the first time or blending together families and traditions for a new life, I look forward to helping you create the wedding that celebrates your journey together.

When I’m not presiding over wedding ceremonies, I have a private therapy practice where I specialize in mindfulness meditation and supporting families and individuals create deeper, more meaningful connections in their lives.  And that means I listen.  I really listen to what you want for your most special day. And when the day arrives I will wrangle relatives and corral the crowd so things go just as you imagined they would.

If you think I might be the right match for the day you are planning, please contact me.  I’m sure you’ll have questions, I’ll get you the answers and make sure there aren’t any other details you might have missed along the way.

​And congratulations!


Officiant & Director

I consider myself a pretty regular guy. I'm a Union Ironworker (Local #399, Camden, NJ) and a Wedding Officiant. My line of work often becomes a laughing matter since these are probably the two most opposite vocations possible.

I'm a husband and a father. I have an amazing little boy and two spoiled-rotten rescue pit-bulls. I love spending time outdoors. I especially love fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. My most prized possession is a beat-up and rusty Jeep Wrangler.

As a wedding officiant, I dedicate my time and expertise to ensure that your wedding process is exciting and fun. I go to great length to learn about you and your history. This lets me add customized elements that tell your love story. 

We've all been to THAT WEDDING.... You know the one, it was bland, boring and just awful. As the officiant seemed to go on and on, you sigh, roll your eyes and wish for it to be over.

That WILL NOT be your wedding if you choose to work with me! This is because I am the easy-going, easy-to-talk-to, super-custom wedding ceremony guy. There are only two rules that apply to my ceremony services:

  • #1- Borning is not an option.
  • #2- No other rules apply.

Let's make it make it memorable. Let's make it fun. Let's make it yours

LITTLE NOTE FROM PATRICK: I often get asked if I "do gay weddings?"       it drives me crazy!       No!

I don't do gay weddings OR straight weddings either.





​As one of the newer members of South Jersey Officiants, I am proud to bring to the table many years of experience working in various capacities with brides and grooms on their special day.  Twenty years ago, I played the piano and organ at the first wedding ceremony of my music career.  Ten years later, I became the lead singer and wedding MC of a successful Philadelphia-based cover band, Drop Dead Sexy, of which I am currently still a part.  For what it’s worth, I also teach classical piano to 30+ students in the South Jersey area.  Recently (and especially after attending two wedding ceremonies at which the officiant never even showed!) it occurred to me that I could (and should) extend my talents – as an officiant myself – to providing beautiful, custom, professional ceremonies to couples wishing to wed.  And there is

no team of which I’d rather be a part than South Jersey Officiants.  I look forward to working with you to make your wedding one of the most memorable days of your life!

Agency Director

Thanks for taking the time to look at our team of amazing talent. I'm the executive director, office manager, scheduler, secretary, accountant and just about everything else for South Jersey Officiants. Actually, the only thing I don't do is officiate weddings!

​I have the pleasure to work with the awesome officiants that you see below. I love being behind the scenes to make sure your big day is everything that you hope it will be. No matter which officiant you select, I'll be right there with you the entire way.

I look forward to congratulating you personally, but we're jumping ahead.
Let's start with hello. =)


It has been my honor to have worked with South Jersey Officiants from 2009 until 2016. If not for a cross-country move, I would still be enjoying the part we play in making the most important day of a couples relationship absolutely perfect.  

I was you once.  I was planning my wedding, and trying to find an officiant.  I completely understand the anxiety and the unknown of finding someone for this key part of a wedding!

Patrick officiated my own wedding, and we had become friends before that day came.  That is the expectation for all SJO Officiants ~ to build the relationships and earn the trust of all our couples.  If an Officiant cannot do that, they have no place with South Jersey Officiants, and should absolutely have no place at your wedding.

From a Bride/Client of SJO, and (now, sadly) a former Officiant for SJO, I know you will be in perfect hands and will have a perfect ceremony crafted just for your perfect day.


I work with couples to create personal wedding ceremonies. It is my desire to make your wedding ceremony special for you and your guests. After all, it is your dream day!

I love what I do and it shows. I have taken my background of serving to another level. As a Wedding Officiant and Minister, I am sure of this: the moment is magical when I am standing next to two sweethearts professing their love and devotion to one another amidst their tears and smiles. I love that moment of true love. It gives me goose bumps every time!

I have had the great fortune to have traveled the world. I was an International Flight Attendant for a major airline. Every day, I would welcome hundreds of people into my “home away from home” and give them first class service. I thought that was my dream job until I started doing weddings. In doing weddings, everyone is happy and love is in the air.

I discovered my passion as an officiant and a new dream was born. Learning the traditions of marriages and developing ceremonies has become a passion of mine. The best part of working from home is my rescue kitty Maggie. She is my office companion and insists on helping by sitting atop all my papers, looking ever so cute.

I hope you will allow me the opportunity to serve you. I always give my best along with my personal touch. I am always happy to help. I’ve been known to pin the groomsmen’s boutonnieres on because they just stuck them in their breast pocket, I’ve held an umbrella over a bride while we did vows in a downpour, I’ve soothed a bride as we were rehearsing and discovered her wedding site was flooded and she had to change venues, just doing whatever it takes! Many of my couples have appreciated my professionalism and humor. I cherish each couple and look forward to doing your wedding or vow renewals.

Past Team Members