Some couples are lucky and get the perfect wedding kiss picture candidly without any advanced thought. For most, this isn't the case. The perfect wedding kiss should be planned and PRACTICED! Think about the image before the wedding day. The photographer will most likely be on the bride's right and the groom's left. Will you dip or not? Whose head will tilt? Where are you going to put your hands?

Practice, practice, practice! When the big moment arrives try not to rush into it. Hold each other for a second. Make eye contact for another second... and then go for that most important kiss.

Take your time and have fun planning and practicing. It will help reduce the stress related with wedding planning. You can't practice napkin colors or uplighting anyway. So practice the kiss and have fun.

something to think about...

The goal

Your free consultation is a chance for us to get to know each other. It's an opportunity for you to get the feel of your officiant. It's also an opportunity for us to get the feel for your relationship and the way that you interact with each other. These are important clues and will help us to build a ceremony that is a perfect reflection of you.

Ah, Modern Technology

Do you prefer to stay indoors? Does the thought of jumping in the car to meet with an officiant (whatever that is) drive you crazy? Perhaps you would rather just stay home in your jammies? Cue modern technology! We are happy to "meet" with you via skype, facetime or by phone. You'll receive the same attention as you would if we were meeting face to face.

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